Joe Abdo began his life in film in 1952 as an “extra” and one of his first films was War of the Worlds where he was one of the little boys in front of the movie theater seeing the Martian invaders arrive.  He continued working as a background actor, joined SEG and helped put himself through university.  After a stint in the USAF, he went to grad school and then entered on a very busy career in health care administration.  When he could eke out the time he took part in small theater in Hollywood and had a SAG film role.
     Joe took a mid-life break and moved to Portugal where he joined the local English-language theater group and performed in more than 20 plays.  In addition, he acted in several films, musicals and plays for foreign companies doing productions in Lisbon.  He did some voiceover work, including a cartoon, and was a radio announcer for the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon.
     Back in Hollywood, he has not lost his love of film and theater and is involving himself in the local work scene.  Joe is often cast as a grandfather, a professional or a homeless person and has shown some dancing skill.
     Aside from work as an actor in a number of films, as well as commercials, Joe is a writer; his books can be seen on  He also wrote and produced a short film entitled Mary (