I am an advocate for using public transportation in Los Angeles.

   I find auditions stressful.  Everyone I know does.  So, we don’t need anything that increases our stress before we get to the audition.  One of the biggest barriers to getting ready for my auditions has been the stress from getting to the audition.  Traffic, having enough gas, crazy drivers, traffic, not getting lost, finding a parking place, traffic and, oh yes, traffic.  One day I had an audition not far from where I live and decided to take the bus.  What a difference.  I could work on my sides, focus, relax and it didn't take much longer than driving my car.  I started using public transport more often and now use it almost exclusively for auditions, as well as my other activities.
   Because of this, I created a free website specifically directed toward actors.  It will help in using public transportation to get to casting studios, film schools and film studios.  Visit Take-The-Bus and leave the driving, and parking, to someone else.